All your Hemp gardening and animal bedding needs

Hemp animal bedding can be used for just about any animal that requires bedding.

It is hyper-absorbent and can absorb 400% of it’s own weight. Has a high thermal rating and quickly composts.

Hemp mulch creates a barrier against heat and cold, encouraging plants to grow.

With the hemp garden mulch, less time and money are spent watering your plants which provides you with a low maintenance garden.

Hemp Animal Bedding photo

We supply you with hemp animal bedding, hemp gardening needs, composted manure and manure tea. 

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Giving Back

At Little Turds Tea we are a family owned business, we believe in giving back.  A portion of our sales go to different local Charities.

We also believe in helping each other, please have a look at our Customer’s Corner for a great selection of product and services.

Charity donations for 2021 :

January - Strathcona Food Bank

February - World's longest Hockey Game

March- Canadian Mental Health Association

April- Little warriors

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