Our Story

We are a family owned business. 

Both my husband and I grew up in Strathcona County and now we are raising our kids here.     Horses have always been a big part of our lives and like most farms managing all the manure is a problem. So we decided to start composting the manure and selling it to local gardeners.  

As the demand for the compost increased we started to reach out to other farms to help them get rid of their waste. 

The problem we were having was that  in order to make a good compost you needed the right kind of bedding material  So we started doing research into different types of bedding and came across hemp. Not only does it make excellent bedding it also makes excellent compost. 

Leaving you with as they say “garden gold”. 

I liked using the bedding so much that I decided to start selling it.  As our company was starting to grow, I started to get a lot of gardeners interested in it.  So after researching it a bit, I used it in my garden.  I wish I would of learned about hemp years ago because I can’t believe how low maintenance my gardens have become. 

Now we sell a variety of hemp products for gardeners. 

The best part of this business is the people.  It has been very interesting to learn about how they manage their farms and gardens.