Hemp Animal Products

  • is hyper absorbent, hemp absorbs 400% of its own weight keeping the animals comfortable and dry.
  • herbicide and pesticide free
  • has a high thermal rating.
  • Low dust. Low dust is critical to limiting life-threatening respiratory problems of horses and other barn animals.
  • Reduces odour. Hemp reduces the odour of ammonia associated with barn animals, better than wood chips or straw.
  • Quickly composts leaving nothing but garden gold
  • can be used for chickens, hamsters, lizards, goats, horses, rabbits, dogs or just about any animal that requires bedding.
Hemp Animal bedding

Hemp Animal Bedding


Hemp Animal bedding

Hemp Animal Bedding 30lbs.


Hemp Nestling Sheets

Hemp Poultry Nesting Sheets

Quick cleaning – simply place the mat in the coop and pull it out when it is used.
Quick, clean and convenient.
Prevents breaking – the thick hemp sheet provides a soft spot for nesting, preventing breakage, it absorbs all messes keeping your eggs dry.

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